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How to (not) protect you and your beloved from the rain with your school blazer.


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idk sorry about that long ass post, but shit like that just bothers me the most. when men act like it’s a personal insult if you walk by them without making eye contact. like sorry fucker, i’m clearly trying to get somewhere and i don’t fucking owe you a fucking sideways glance piss right the fuck off

i dont know if that makes me stuck up or what but i honestly don’t care

You know you’re an aquarist when:


You get excited over a well priced bucket!

the joke is chrom is dumb!! the joke is that I hate chrom!!!

I might have to drop my pathfinder game because of my Michaels job, so I am thinking I might do some kind of art contest for Ro with money prizes but I am really not sure. 

I’ve had a really bad track record with people sticking to what they say about drawin’ for me, and I can see this being no exception.

Alternatively, I could do some really big image to commemorate the pathfinder game, but I’ll wait until I have more concrete info. ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

tell me a thing about your OC and I’ll tell you a related one about mine

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oh my sketch seemed to get some notes so here’s the thing.
one of the few tiny gripes i have is the fact that class models are generic, even for your avatar. actually it’s probably not very fair that i say that since every fire emblem game does this. it’d be cool if your avatar could always look slightly different from the others no matter what class they are, kind of like this. also the fact that swordmasters carry two extra swords yet can’t use them lol

also some extra lon’qu and myrmidon!morgan jumping around with a very sharp and dangerous object. i just got morgan in the sidequest. kid needs to chill out.

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Be wary of those who apologize for how you feel instead of apologizing for what they did to you


Sketch requests and silly doodles from my stream.

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me when it starts getting cloudy: yeees
me when it starts raining: yeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS

I have a horrendous time trying to watch GSNK because I get increasingly guilty that I am not working on my own art and stuff instead of just watching other people mess around with theirs.