Part time idol; full time deluded egoist

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Things in Doctor Who that made me laugh
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    → K-9’s dramatic experience with water


Buccellati (fully colored)


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My desk has two new additions today!

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I just wanted to take pictures of the new skull I bought for fun but NO I CAN NEVER NOT TAKE PICTURES OF MY PETS.

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たった一つの願い by Angilar

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Small Pet Respect- Just how long can these guys live?


Next time you’re at the pet store and are thinking about taking home a new friend, keep in mind that this should be for life! But how long might that life be? Small mammals, like rats and mice, often have fairly short lifespans, with many of the pet trade’s rodents only living a year or two. Reptiles and amphibians, however, can have much longer lifespans. Here is a chart I made when looking at the reptiles and amphibians my local PetSmart had in stock.


Obviously this list is nothing close to complete, but take a good look! Just because a reptile is inexpensive doesn’t mean it’s going to live a short life; leopard geckos, for instance, can cost as little as fourteen dollars at the pet shop but can live a very long time. Some of the oldest have lived longer than twenty-five years! And then take a look at how long the Russian tortoise can live. If you buy a Russian tortoise as an adult, there’s a chance it can outlive you! Small pets deserve the same love and respect we give our dogs and cats; help your pet live out its full lifespan healthily and happily by making sure to know all you can about your pet’s species and its needs!